Diana Organic Fresh Royal Jelly 1000mg

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An ultra-potent dose of 1000MG fresh organic Royal Jelly

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An ultra-potent dose of 1000MG fresh organic Royal Jelly, perfectly combined with Guarana 150mg, Damiana 150mg, Ginseng 150mg and Pollen 50mg to be taken one hour before intense physical or mental activity. This exceptional formulation delivers outstanding results, promoting energy, vitality, performance and overall wellness.

Content: 10 Vials Per Box.

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10 Vials

Recommend Use

One vial daily before any strenuous mental or physical activity. Shake well before use.


Each vial contains: Purified Water, Gelling agent, Glycerin, Fresh Royal Jelly 10%, Liquid Extract of Paullinia cupana (Guaraná Seeds) 1.5%, Liquid Extract of Turnera difusa Damiana (Leaves) 1.5%, Liquid Extract of Panax Ginseng Ginseng (Root) 1.5%, Pollen 0.5%.
Gelling Agent: Xanthan Gum.
Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.

Food Supplement Warnings

Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Keep the product out of reach and sight of children. Contains bee products.


Store in a cool place

13 reviews for Diana Organic Fresh Royal Jelly 1000mg

  1. Antonia

    I first purchased this product in September as I was feeling exhausted. I did see an immediate effect after start taking it
    After a couple of weeks, I could not only feel very positive effects on my mind and body – All tiredness started to go away but I also saw positive results on hair, skin etc.. It is a really good product and the best royal jelly I have ever purchased.

    The only disadvantage is the price but the quality is superb – It is really healthy

  2. kyriakos

    I wish i could give it ten stars !!!!! Being a chef working long hours gave me the clarity and energy like no other product. Thank you for this amazing product.

  3. Tony Marscaponi

    Its a superb royal jelly mix!!! I would advise it for anyone that needs both mental and physical performance boost! Working has a chef well…..no comment whatsoever.
    It can also be used has a last resort for assisting our Self Organising Bioverses immune system in fighting a nasty flue virus.
    It is a wondrous product. Superb quality.
    Hence the price…😓
    I cant take it everyday but for those that earn enough fiat currency to purchase this for comsunption on a daily basis, well its Asterix potion!!! 😂🤗

  4. S.N

    This is now the third time i am buying these. Its very expensive, however i can confirm that after taking these – i am full of extra energy. I noticed the first time, but wasn’t totally convinced and then i started to pay attention that on the days i didn’t take it vs the days i did, and there was a significant difference to my energy levels.
    I don’t take it daily (i probably should), but at least twice a week and definitely in the morning for those days where i know I’m going to need it.
    Great product

  5. CD

    The presentation box was fantastic. The item itself has done a wonderful job of providing additional energy.
    Pricey though.

  6. Jorge

    Fantastic product. Feel revitalized when I use it!!! A little pricey though!!! Would use it again if the cost was not so High!!!

  7. Rebecca90

    Good quality product, will re order. Just a little pricy, sadly. Definitely felt a difference taking them.

  8. Super

    Loved it. I felt more energised.
    I mixed it with honey and had it first in the morning.

  9. yusuf celik

    The taste was better than i imagined it would be

  10. Proteus9

    I bought this hoping it would help me to get over a viral infection more quickly. Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. I used one ampoule in the morning, one in the evening and didn’t perceive any noticeable effect, certainly no boost of energy nor heightened clarity of mind, what you would expect as it is meant to be taken ”before intense physical or mental activity”.

  11. Customer

    Boosts immune system up

  12. Derek Bench

    Can pep you up when feeling very tired


    This is a must for any health

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